Male Voiceover Artist
Jerry Beharry is a versatile and colorful voice talent who takes your story where you want it to go. His voice ranges from deep, authoritative and informed, to a nice-guy, conversational style that will bring a natural and authentic vibe to your project. ​ Jerry’s favorite genres of voiceover to work in are epic brand anthems, PSAs, corporate narration, and e-Learning projects. He also does a lot of corporate and commercial work for clients such as Disney, T-Mobile, Marvel Studios, Microsoft, REMAX, and various television/radio outlets. While Jerry has cut out a living in the world of Voiceover, he also works with production companies in the world of film and TV. Jerry has worked on multiple on-screen projects, from TV documentaries to major motion pictures. He has been called to join productions for huge names such as Universal Pictures, Marvel Studios, Netflix, Apple Original Films, Disney, DC Comics, The Discovery Channel/Discovery+, and more!

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