Contact me for any questions that aren't answered here!


Contact me for any questions that aren't answered here!

How quickly can you deliver?

I can usually deliver your fully mastered product within 1-3 business days for scripts up to 10,000 words, depending on my workload. 24-hour guaranteed delivery is available for an additional fee for scripts up to 3000 words.

Do you take suggestions on style and delivery?

Absolutely! This is your project after all, so if you already have a vision for how you want it to sound, I'm all ears! If you have samples of what you're looking for (like YouTube, for instance), that would be helpful.

Do you do "spicy" work, aka NSFW?

On a case by case basis, yes. Please message me first, so I can review the script and let you know whether or not I will accept.

What do I need to give you to get started?

AllI need is your script, instructions, desired timeline and project budget. Additionally, please let me know the proper pronunciations of unique names or words so I can ensure a quick and correct delivery.

I have a limited budget. Are your rates negotiable?

Absolutely! Send me a message to let me know what you need and the budget you're working with, and we'll figure something out.

Commercial Rights vs. Broadcast Rights?

Commercial Rights are required for promoting a product or service on non-paid platforms such as company website, social media, and YouTube. Broadcast Rights are required for any paid, promoted, or boosted advertising and streaming (radio, podcast platforms, Google search, etc.).

What do you consider a revision?

For me, a revision is a change in script. Tweaking a sentence, adding/deleting words, etc., or change in delivery style. For example, more energy, slower pace, change inflection, etc. I include one free revision and additional revisions for purchase. Any mistakes on my part will of course be corrected for free.

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